Custom Moulding

With 4 different sections of Custom Mouldings we're sure that you'll be able to find that perfect frame.

Custom Moulding Sections

860 Satin Black
860 Rich Walnut
860 Light Copper
860 Pewter
860 Shabby Chic
860 Speckled Walnut
860 Black w/Copper
700-C Satin Black
700-C Speckled Walnut
700-C Pewter
700-C Roman Bronze
700-C Shabby Chic
700-C Cherry Burl
966 Stainless Steel
6468 Burlwood
859 Walnut
310-S Silver
310-G Gold
6269 Silver
6270 Burnt Walnut
6280 Gold
880 Black Laquer
141-C Plum w/Gold
837 Cherry w/Gold
8069-C Gold
8069-C Burnt Walnut
8069-C Silver
2164-C Green
832 Antique Bronze
9966 Stainless Steel
842 Dark Walnut
227-C Light Copper
1008-C Black w/ Light Copper
227-C Sunrise Gold
905-C Roman Bronze
2880 White Satin
324-CG Gold
324-CS Silver
264 Satin Black
144-C Plum w/ Gold
3405 Rustic Gold
106-C Antique Gold
106 Light Copper
2550 Satin Black
427-C Charcoal
427-C Candle Light Silver
427-C Sunlight Gold
6050 Blotched Copper