Easel Back Frames

Available sizes:

9x12 | 10x10 | 8x10 | 8x8 | 5x10 | 4x10 | 5x7 | 5x5 | 4x6 | 4x5

Amberwood Easel Back Frames

299-E 10x10 Bronze
2509-E 5x10 Dark Walnut
1018-E 9x12 Dark Mahogany
650-E 5x5 Walnut w/Bronze
648-E 8x10 Pewter w/Charcoal
80297 5x7 Bronze w/Gold
1006-E 8x8 Charcoal
All Amberwood Easel Back Frames
come with a Velvet Easel Back
and a Support Ribbon

EXMO Easel Back Frames (EXMO Moulding Collection)