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3 tips for better portraits

My favorite portrait stuff (i.e., photography of live subjects, usually people) is that you never really run out of 
subjects, and it helps you to slow down and really see regular beauty, like three of my lovely lambs below.
It doesn’t really matter whether you’re photographing your kids, your pets, your mates, or if you’re photographing farm animals, there’s always someone somewhere who can be a model for your portraits.
Concentrate on 
the Eyes
One of my favorite trade tricks like to share with burgeoning photographers is 
that usually the emphasis of your portrait should be on the eyes of the subject.  We have all learned that the eyes are the window to the soul, and you 
have the perfect opportunity to fully capture your subject ‘s ethos by photographing them well. Someone staring directly at the camera produces photograph of such different feeling than when your client stares off into the distance 
or even into another human being’s eyes, so one of the first choices you’ll have to make is where you want them to look.
Secondly, in their eyes, understand the message being communicated.
Secondly, in their eyes, 
understand the message being communicated. 
This might sound little deep or metaphysical, but you need 
to try to fit the feelings in the eyes that are expressed. 
For example, you don’t want bright sunny setting for 
the portrait if the subject ‘s eyes are concentrated and mysterious. 
Instead, pick shoot in the shadows where the nuances 
of the subject ‘s eyes can be seen much better. 
Just take moment to look at 
the image below. Her eyes are hypnotic.
The best results are often obtained by learning to shoot portraits in which your subjects are free to behave naturally and comfortable.
That doesn’t mean that posed portraits do not have their place with people smiling at the camera, it’s just that posed images are sometimes not a true representation of the person you’re photographing.
In addition , taking far more pictures than required will help your client get used to the sound of the shutter, and they will finally start missing it.
In addition , taking far more pictures than required will help your client get used to the sound of the shutter, and they will finally start missing it.

1. Scanning, scanning, scanning

You’ll have to turn your printed picture into a digital file first. This allows the image to be scanned and saved as a .jpg format. Be sure to include all parts of the picture (even if they’re torn) when you scan your file. In the process of reconstruction, this will benefit us. Do not attempt to puzzle the picture back together to make sure that all the pieces are separated. For you, we’ll do that! Make sure to scan the image at the highest possible resolution if you have your own scanner. You can contact us if you don’t have access to a scanner for instructions on how to get us the photo.

2. Magic of Restoration

We will begin to work our magic once you have your scanned file! Picture restoration is a hybrid use of creative imagination and technology. The lower left part of the frame was incomplete in this picture and had to be produced from scratch. The bruises, spots and tears that were stripped from the rest of the picture were also quite a few. The customer also asked for the picture to be returned to a black and white color. The restored picture, as you can see, is very impressive!

3. Printing, Printing, Printing

There is an infinite chance of applications after the image is restored. In this scenario, our client wanted the restored community picture as well as individual portraits of their ancestors to give to his family. We were able to make 8′′ x 10′′ canvas prints of each family member as well as 11′′ x 14′′ community prints.

We do our best to make the process of restoring photos both simple and satisfying for you, as you can see. Please contact us if you have a renovation project in mind and one of our professional designers will be more than pleased to help you out. On our platform, we also offer a simple Build A Canvas editing tool that guides you through the print ordering.

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